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The Hunting of The Huntress

This Is The Story Of A Sullen Scapegoat

The Feminine Scar
27 May 1983
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A little girl held captive inside the reality run prison that is my womanly body. My thoughts are unadulterated and shall remain so. I am the antithesis
of vanila and the hypothesis of a horror house harlot but i am also a virginal bride awaiting my crimson tsunami. This journal is the scribbing of my past, my
present , my demons, my muses and of course my masters and matyrs. Please refrain from adding me if your intention is to convert me into society's sweet
poster slut..

The Huntress and The Hunted..

Name:Call me Melancholetta
Ethnicity: Somali + Asian ..I dont fancy the term blasian
Music: All Genres of Metal
Food: Thai,Indian,Korean and Japanese
Status: Very Much Taken
Art: Surreal,Visionary,Fantasy


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